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Join the Invested Agents Accelerator Community and get Instant Access to:

70+ Masterclass & Accelerator Courses From Real Estate Experts
Events and Workshops
Ongoing Coaching Calls
Essential Tools & Resources
A Private Community Of Active Investors & Agents
And So Much More...

Working a job or earning commission are great ways to make money, but...

Unless you build wealth and passive income, you are at risk to market shifts 
while you trade your time for money

How Much Is Not Being Financially Free Costing You?

Feeling physically & mentally exhausted
Working a job you don't enjoy
Spending time away from your family
Financially stressed
Falling behind on retirement planning
Not living the life you deserve

If you're not investing in real estate now you're probably thinking...

"I don't have enough money," or "I don't know how."

The good news is you can learn how to invest in real estate
using other people's money (OPM)!

Join A Community of Successful Real Estate Investors

Increase Your Education

Get the education & resources you need to grow your real estate business

Generate More Income

Generate both active & passive income by investing in real estate and working with investor clients

Build Massive Wealth

Build wealth that allows you and your family to live the life you deserve

Create A

Create a legacy that has a lasting impact on your family and community

Do You Want Financial Freedom?

The only way you can become financially free is to build wealth and passive income.

Do you have a plan to achieve financial freedom?

If you want to grow your business, increase your income, build wealth, and create the lifestyle you truly deserve...

Then you're invited to join the Invested Agents Community.

Inside Our Community You'll Find…

Education Library

Learn valuable tactics & skills from industry experts through our library of 70+ MasterClass & Accelerator courses that cover topics including:

Investment Strategies
Planning & Protection
Sales & Marketing
Financing Deals
Business Operations
Technology & AI
Market Outlook 

Community Learning

You will get access to our private community with discussion boards, direct messaging, and live chat. Get feedback, share experiences, stay motivated, avoid the same mistakes, and collaborate with other investors and agents.


Join private coaching and mastermind calls where you can get your specific questions answered, share feedback, and learn from others!


Participate in virtual and in-person workshops, masterminds, and networking events to expand your education on real estate investing, sales, negotiation, marketing, raising private money, and more.


Access community resources including: documents & templates, recorded events & coaching calls, recommended resources, and our exclusive vendor list.

Learn From The Best, And Become Your Best

Get unlimited access to over 70 MasterClass & Accelerator courses
taught by real estate experts, including...

Gino Barbaro

Investing Fundamentals

Tom Wheelwright

Tax Strategies

Trevor Mauch

Marketing Strategies

Brant Phillips

Raising Private Money

Eddie Gant

Investing Strategies

Anne Marie Rogers

Tax Strategies

Don Costa

House Flipping

Matt Gardner


Arianne Lemire

Large Multifamily

Mike Hambright

Finding Motivated Sellers

J Scott

Investing Metrics

Michael Zuber

Building A Rental Portfolio

Brent Moreno

AI In Real Estate

Ben Deal

Building Brand

George Salas

Short-Term Rentals

Sarah Weaver

Lifestyle Design

Bridger Pennington

Investment Funds

Jennifer Beadles

Financial Freedom

Mauricio Rauld

Syndication Legal Tips

Eddie Speed

Investing In Notes

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Choose Your Plan And Join The Community

Monthly Price (paid annually)



Best if you're a motivated, self-paced learner looking to get started or grow your business

Library of 70+ Masterclass & Accelerator Courses From Real Estate Experts ($997 value)
Essential Documents, Tools & Resources ($147 value)
Future Event Recordings ($97 value)
Access to our Private Community (priceless)



Best if you want to accelerate your business growth, get direct coaching, and network with other serious investors

Everything in Basic, plus: ($1,241 value)
Weekly Group Coaching Calls ($4,997 value)
Coaching Call Recordings ($300 value)
Kickoff Strategy Call $97
Private Pro Community (priceless)
Funding For Your Deals (priceless)
Invitations to Private Events (priceless)



Best if you're a Realtor who wants to maximize your business growth & financial opportunity

Everything in Pro, plus:
Private 1-1 Coaching
Powerful Marketing & Lead Generation Tools
Revenue Share & Equity Opportunity
Healthcare Options
70+ hours of weekly live training 
Exclusive Legacy Events
Member of eXp Realty's Globally Recognized Wolfpack Organization
And So Much More

Accelerate Your Real Estate Business For Less Than $1 Per Day

People pay $40,000+ for college degrees that don't prepare them to build wealth and achieve financial freedom. 

You can invest less than $1 a day and get access to Invested Agent's full Masterclass & Accelerator library to learn the strategies, tactics, and frameworks that will help you achieve the life, freedom, and happiness you deserve!

10x Guarantee

I am confident that if you take the training courses, participate in the community, and attend the coaching calls, you will be extremely satisfied with the overwhelming value you receive.

If you do not feel like you have received 10 times the value of the membership cost, you can email us and request a full refund within 30 days of your subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which membership is right for me?

Pro is the best option if you really want to accelerate your growth, get more direct coaching, and network & collaborate with serious real estate investors.

Legacy is the perfect option if you are a Realtor wanting to to take advantage of everything the community has to offer for free in addition to other exclusive benefits. Click here to apply.

Is the Legacy option really free?

Yes. There are no additional fees or commission splits by joining our collaborative eXp Realty revenue share team. Click here to apply and schedule a good time to talk about how we can help you take your business to the next level.

What is the 10x Guarantee?

I am confident that if you take the training courses, participate in the community, and attend the coaching calls, you will be extremely satisfied with the overwhelming value you receive.

10x Guarantee: If, within 30 days, you do not feel like you have received 10 times the value of the membership cost, you can email us and request a full refund.

Will I get help funding my deals?

Absolutely! You will have access to our preferred hard money and long-term lenders who can fund deals in nearly any primary and secondary US market.

You will also find private lenders and investors who are looking to fund good deals or partner with you on them.

And finally, you will learn how to find and build your own network of private lenders.

What private events are included?

As a member you will receive an invitation to attend exclusive mastermind and networking events, workshops, and retreats that will transform your business. To help cover costs and make sure the value you receive is exceptionally high there is a small fee to attend certain mastermind and retreat events. You will not want to miss them!

Can I change or cancel my membership later?

Yes, you may change or cancel your membership at any time. If you're a Realtor you can get free access by joining our Legacy Team.

I'm not ready to join yet. Do you have any free resources?

Of course. Get access to our free advanced training & resources by clicking here

Meet the Founder

Chris Bounds

Chris Bounds started investing in real estate at 22 years old without using his own money or credit.

Within 12 months, he completed four deals, including two rental properties that he bought using creative financing.

Now, having acquired over 900 units together with his wife Jamie, including 200 flips, Chris is sharing the proven systems and strategies they have used to maximize returns and minimize risk.

As a Christian, father, and IRONMAN finisher, Chris understands the importance of discipline and perseverance in both personal and professional pursuits.

Chris is committed to helping you leverage real estate investments to achieve your goals and build the legacy you desire.

Chris and Jamie Bounds

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