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Getting Started: How you can reach your biggest goals by following the habits and mindset of high-achieving entrepreneurs
Finding Deals: How to find motivated sellers willing to sell houses at huge discounts
Analyzing Deals: How to evaluate deals to make offers with confidence
Financing Deals: How to find hard and private money lenders to fund all your deals 
Huge Profit:  How to make sure every deal you do is profitable and build massive wealth

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Meet the Founder

Chris Bounds

Chris Bounds started investing in real estate at 22 years old without using his own money or credit.

Within 12 months, he completed four deals, including two rental properties that he bought using creative financing.

Having acquired over 900 units and completed 200 flips with his wife Jamie, Chris shares the proven systems and strategies they have used to maximize returns and minimize risk.

As a Christian, father, and IRONMAN finisher, Chris understands the importance of discipline and perseverance in both personal and professional pursuits.

Chris is committed to helping you leverage real estate investments to achieve your goals and build the legacy you desire.

Chris and Jamie Bounds

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