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How To Build A Million Dollar Rental Portfolio

The Ultimate Guide To Building Wealth & Passive Income in Real Estate

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Real Estate Investment Strategy

The strategy used by successful real estate investors to achieve financial freedom

Case Studies That Grossed Over $260k

Case studies of actual deals with over $260,000 in combined gross profit

A Simple Plan
of Action

A simple plan of action that you can start immediately regardless of your experience

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About Your Host

Chris Bounds

Chris is a real estate investor and fund manager with more than $90 million in real estate sales.

With his wife Jamie, Chris has used more than $19 million from private lenders and equity partners to acquire over 900 single-family and multifamily units, including 200 flips.

Chris founded Invested Agents to help real estate professionals increase their income, build wealth, and create a lifestyle they deserve. 

Through Invested Agents, he hosts frequent real estate events, webinars, and workshops.

Chris is a Christian, father of two, IRONMAN finisher, private pilot, and endurance race enthusiast

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